Renew your membership

If you are an existing member or if your membership has recently expired, you can renew your membership online by following the simple process listed below.

1. Log-in to the website using the ‘Member Log-in’ (top right-hand corner).

Member Login Image

2. Once you have successfully logged-in, select ‘Renew your membership’ from the Members drop-down menu.



3. In the orange “Membership Categories” banner, simply select your membership category – then on the next page, either Renew with Paypal or Renew with Cheque /Bank Deposit.

If you select the ‘Renew with Paypal’ option, you will be setting up a recurring annual payment so that your membership is automatically renewed each year.  Recurring annual payments require you to set up a Paypal Account.

If you prefer to make a one-off payment via Paypal instead of setting up a recurring payment, please get in contact with our office and we will be able to assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: If your membership has been expired for more than 3 months, your renewal will be treated as a new membership application and will be determined by the Screenworks board at the next bi-monthly meeting.


If you require assistance with renewing your membership, please feel free to call our office on (02) 6687 1599 during office hours (9am – 5pm, Mondays to Thursday).