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A specialist in deep script structure and primary instinctual emotion in cinema


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Philip Roberts is a working screenwriter and script doctor as well as a director whose work has travelled around the world. He is currently in development with US and French partners on an original 4 part miniseries.

Career Highlights

Awards include:
Journees de Cinematographe de Carthage, Tunis - Special Jury Prize - Best Film
Amiens Film Festival, Amiens, France - Prix du Public - Best Film, OCIC Award - Best Film
The Annonay International Film Festival, France - The Grand Prix- Best Film
The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, New York - The Nestor Almendros Prize
The Cannes Film Festival, France - Quinzaine des Realisateurs
Critics say:
'Flame' "depicts the real-life relationships among those engaged in national liberation struggles and the challenge of sustaining those relationships in times of peace. This is a very impressive work." Angela Davis
"‘The Flyer’ plays like ‘Billy Elliott’ with ballet substituted for trapeze artistry.” Time Out New York

Production Credits

As screenwriter (see IMDB):
The Flyer
The Bird Can't Fly
One Last Look
As director:
Big Fellas
One Last Look


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