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To be entering the film industry a little later than I figured, I arrive with my heart set to be writing scripts and developing further in filmmaking. Creatively or not, after completing an Associate Degree in Creative Writing, these are my first steps into this time honoured industry.

As you can imagine the possibility for a newly minted (or green) film intern, just out of university, means I haven't had enough experience in the industry to be convincingly confident about my working skills in production or post. I am however hopeful that with my many other varied skills set and working attributes, I could apply my solid reliability, a calm, personable, compassionate essence, where these strong ethics come in handy may assist in to adapt to the set or any environment a valid opportunity takes me in.

I would like to offer with an equal arrangement, to ensure I give you my full attention to assist with your film or industry model is a short internship. Appreciating your guidance and mentorship is also helping locate my unique place on this path, this I give in good faith.

With interests in becoming a sort-after screenwriter and possibly, an eventual filmmaker as I develop with other training, my profile is building with a composite of artistic works I started in university. I will be completing these, one by one, as I go, finding my feet with employment.

I contribute with a warm and natural communication and an honest work ethic. As a reliable and solidly reputable professional, I embrace the quality of the professionals around me and give generously so as to employ every effort to the task given. My skills range from an administrative office professional to personal assistant duties and of caregiving service with expert oral/written communication I add this with educated efficiency. I am passionate in my interest in the film industry and support with adequate skills in media.

Some of my new skills include new media platforms and where I have artistic abilities, design. I have experience with basic Final Cut Pro X video editing skills, camera operator experience, and photography stills. I have a greater range of writing and research skills, with journalism and interviewing, a full production music video, plus skills to locating history and in literature analysis, I contribute fresh ideas, collaborate well. I enjoy a creative initiative with a greater interest to be in cooperation with all team environments and am reliable, first on hand to be involved, across a broad range of projects at any level.

I am sincere, reliable and productive, confident and assertive and calm. I enjoy engaging with, and as, a film industry professional.

My project ideas are exciting and come under a range of creative storytelling to the start of a development with most of these scripts ideas in feature films I have two as possible animations. I really cannot wait to get on board and reliably transform in the development of my skills, as inspiration from such creative fields gifts my projects as well.

Thank you for your consideration.

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The Foe, The Faux - LadySlug Music Video | Creative Assistant | Camera Operator | Video Editing