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While I surf this wide ocean of media, film-making, journalism, radio, for a start, I appear to be less than I am. A woman with creative fairness and an idea to complete numerous projects. The modern script to be developing with new media and multi-media platforms, is coming along nicely. So far I call myself a Writer/Research Academic and Content Creator, writing the new perspective could be asking me to step up with my storytelling, as I balance my genre with multiple scopes to inform and entertain audiences and community.

In the roles an executive assistant upholds, I am available to understudy, shadow attachment with Directors and Producers. Restoratively, I am highly skilled and adding advantage to contribute to each film in any professional way. As writer, digesting the world by moving ahead with new solutions and ideas, I am interested in collaboration, eager to research and assist in story development.

My new website is up, preparing the storytelling new perspective: a quiet responsibility, in the feminine, bold enough to tell a new story in a new light, under complex information. As I appeal for new opportunities my process has accumulated research from modern study in academic research.

Many stories are already written, and some I have identified with the local Northern Rivers in mind. Some story worlds were started well before I arrived, by which I have stepped up to creatively massage to film pursuits, aghast at the silent witness. While I prepare the content I am taking the careful steps these scripts are calling to be written at a time for the knowledge to be what the world wants to hear. It couldn’t have been more succinct in life to follow my own direction and then to keep the feminine perspective.

The production business I have started, has room for Feature Films, Documentaries, and Television. I aim to strive my ideas with new media advantages, and bring every attempt to collaborating with production companies in the local area. I am adding to the company of Northern Rivers Filmmakers in a most elaborate way. I warmly welcome your collaborative work opportunities to assist in the steps towards fulfilling these life long dreams.

Career Highlights

none, as yet

Production Credits

The Foe, The Faux - LadySlug Music Video | Creative Assistant | Camera Operator | Video Editing - Website Video Session (Psychology) | Video Subtitles Editor | Content Writer/Editor | Captioning (Audio Time Edit)
Producer for ABC North Coast Radio - Small Segment Producer

Extensive Social Media Marketing Expertise
Content Writing for Blog or Synopsis
Newly aquired: Pitching Document Writer