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Floating in Water Films

Assistant | Production | Research & Writing | Complimentary Skills


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While I surf this wide ocean in film, for a start, I appear here less than I am. So far I identify myself as Content Creator and Writer, and willingly, as the reasons could be asking me to step up with my storytelling, and adaptable to be an understudy more with Directors or Producers. I believe I am ready will skill to contribute to films, clearly interested in collaboration, research and development for concepts and working ideas that are exciting.

As a writer, my storytelling has a new perspective, a quiet responsibility prepared to tell a new story, as the writing and research was the only way I could go on up until now.

Many of the stories I write are written for the local area of the Northern Rivers in mind. Some were started before I arrived, by which I have paused while I massage the scripts with better knowledge to my directing perspective. While I write to aim for the best outcome, I succinctly evaluate current trends to bring it together with viewers in mind. Every attempt is being made to eventually produce or bring production to the local region.

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Production Credits

The Foe, The Faux - LadySlug Music Video | Creative Assistant | Camera Operator | Video Editing