FCO Example Checklist

Checklist (not all will apply to every situation, more may be required)

  • Affected businesses must be consulted and notified
  • The activity should not disrupt retailers, motorists, residents, other events or general public in the vicinity of your activity
  • Public safety is maintained at all time during the conduct of the activities
  • Hold public liability insurance
  • Access to the beach should only be via the established beach access point.
  • No actitvity should take place in vegetated coastal dune areas
  • No significant disturbance or damage to vegetation, no removal of living plant material
  • All vehicles are restricted to roads and carparks, no vehicle may be driven on a park or beach
  • Vehicles associated with the conduct of activities are legally parked at all time.
  • All rubbish shall be collected and removed
  • All UAV (Drone) operations should comply with CASA requirements
  • Any damage occasioned by your use of the area is to be reported immediately to council