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Creative soul looking to co-create inspirational fun funny enriching projects...


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Im Leo-Dragon all bold and brave, secretly I'm nervous when performing on stage. Busting rhymes is sometimes my thing, adventure and action is what makes me sing! I've been working on a project for many years now, giving it time when I'm not earning dollars or chasing the fresh white pow. Out of 88 entries I reached the finals in 'Life's A Pitch', a few years later and my ideas are more rich. I have strong character profiling and various lengthened scripts, its funding i seek and a creative family to enjoy making the clips. My aim is to have fun, via giving my project (Scamper) a run. If i can meet with others to drink tea and create, then is worth the journey and lets call it a date. I used to play football on a Thursday night & Saturday's, now id rather sit around a table and produce something inspiring, that makes people laugh, that role models positive ethics & shares respectful values. Its time to give back...

Career Highlights

Finalist in the Red Bull Rails Snowboarding comp. two years in a row (2002-2003).
Launch of first published title @ Byron Bay Writers Festival (2006).

Production Credits

Author of three published Children's books; Active Kids Books.
Featured as an Extra in - Somersault, with Abi Cormish & Director Cate Shortland.


Age 35-44 years old
Indigenous No
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