Chris Davis

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Director, Writer, Assistant Director, Production Assistant


Mobile 0402 745 539
Address 1/28 Pacific Pde, Lennox Head


Chris is an up and coming Writer & Director

Career Highlights

My Short Film 'How to become a Dictator' being awarded 'Runner Up' at the London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival.

Production Credits

How to become a Dictator; Short film - 2018 (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Production Designer, Actor)

Hold up; Short film - 2018 (1st Assistant Director, Associate Producer)

'Rock and Roll is Dead' - 2018; Music video, Port Royal (1st Assistant Director, Associate Producer)

'The Finder' - 2018; Music video, AGWA (1st Assistant Director, Associate Producer)

'Long live Rock & Roll' - 2018 Music video, Roadhouse (1st Assistant Director, Associate Producer)

'COMA' - 2018; Music Video, the Jensens (1st Assistant Director)

'She'll be right' - 2018; Music Video, Brendan the Bard (1st Assistant Director)

'Plus One' - 2017; Music Video, CKNU (2nd Assistant Director)

Vygo’ commercial; Ideate films - 2017 (Production Assistant)

Student Films:

'Kamikaze Kamp' Short film - 2016 (Director)
'Urban Vermin', Short Documentary - 2016 (Writer)
'Beef on Bread', Short Film - 2016 (2nd Assistant Director)
'Short Attention Span Sports', Short Film - 2015 (Director, Writer)
'Succulent Meal', Experimental film - 2015 (Director, Writer)
'An Honest Interview', Short Film - 2015 (Writer)
'Inigma', Short game show - 2015 (Host)
'Hung Vote', Short Film - 2014 (Director, Writer)


Age 18-24 years old
Indigenous No
Membership Type Emerging Professional

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