Joanna Coby

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Jo Coby is an emerging screen producer, creator & writer.


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Jo Coby is a 30-something creative type who in a former life managed two large banks. When “the heist” seemed unlikely, Jo gave the gig up for a less “socially acceptable” form of income – trying to make money doing something she truly loves. Jo managed to connect with her younger self, her more exciting, daring self (who, on a side note was strapped into her rollerblades and sent down the freeway at 80km/hr powered by a giant motorised fan, the Joey Jetpack, thanks to her crazy inventor father when she was just seven), who loved drama and writing. It seemed that finding herself again in her thirties would bring Jo back to a wonderful life full of extraordinary events. Jo wrote her second novel, 'VSC' in 2015/16, and polished up an adaption of her first novel, 'Away' – a feature film screenplay of the same title. She also created a world-first reality television format with a team of industry goers, and she is now hard at work creating an original Australian Comedy Drama series based on real events. Jo is also an experienced marketing-type, having worked for some big-fancy companies like Coca-Cola, EMI Music and APN Media … but Jo obviously prefers to be her own boss and bring forth hilarious and inspiring stories that the world will embrace. More recently, Jo's slate includes an adaption of VSC, a TV Drama series in early development, in the growing Cli-Fi genre.


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