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Ranncon Pty Ltd

Freelance Set Construction Manager with over 40 years in Feature Film and TV.


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John Rann has had a very successful career as a freelance construction manager both within Australia and internationally that spans over 40 years .

He started in the industry in 1972, when he commenced work at the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Sydney training and working as a standby props man and later as a film camera assistant .

John started working as a freelance set builder in the feature film industry in 1981. By 1986 he was construction managing his first feature film, Gillian Armstrong’s 'High Tide', he has been actively and continuously engaged in this position to this day working on over 30 feature films, including 'Mission Impossible II', 'Anna and the King', 'Peter Pan', 'Stealth', 'Ghost Ship', 'Pitch Black', 'Dark City', 'Queen of the Dammed', amongst many others .

His most recent projects were 'The Railway Man', starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth , the story of survivors of the Thai - Burma death railway , the project was filmed in Scotland, Thailand and Australia. Also the Australian shoot for 'Mad Max - Fury Road' due for release in July 2015.

Along with the feature film work he has also done many mini series and television feature films, series and dozens of TVCs for production companies including Windows Productions and Ridley Scott and Associates. He was also a project manager for the construction of the major set props for the 2006 Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies in Qatar.

John is a firm supporter of our regionally based industry and was construction manager on the successful local production 'The Gods of Wheat Street' and looks forward to contributing to many other local projects.

Career Highlights

In 2012 John was approached by Michael Lake the CEO of Pinewood Studios Malaysia to create a curriculum and teach a 10 week course in Set Building and Finishing as part of the Iskandar Malaysia Talent Development Program, which was designed to train students to develop the skills required to be employed at the newly opening studio complex in Johor Bahru. This course was one of seven offered , also including Grips, Electrics, Make-up,Hair, Wardrobe and Production Accounting, this program is on going with courses in many other film disciplines available. Part of this process was to act as an Industry Expert for the Malaysian Department of Human Resources to develop their national standards around the teaching of these film disciplines. The most pleasing aspect of this process was that the majority of the 27 Construction Course students went on to find employment on the first project into the studios , 'Marco Polo' a large scale TV series and from all reports acquitted themselves extremely well with their acquired skills. To equip himself for this project John completed a Certificate IV in Assessment and Training in Brisbane before commencing in Malaysia.

Production Credits

See IMDB web site for Feature Film credits , or refer resume.


Age 55-64 years old
Indigenous No
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