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Laura Bloom

Laura Bloom is a novelist & scriptwriter, specialising in structural analysis.



Having spent years in development hell as a scriptwriter it was wonderful to become a novelist and know my work would see the light of day. I miss the collaboration of film, though, and I'm looking for opportunities to put my hard won understanding of structure - from within a scene, to the arc of a story and its relationship to archetypal stories - to use

Career Highlights

Writer of six published novels, including IN THE MOOD and THE CLEANSKIN for adults, and AUGUSTINE'S LUNCH, for young adults. Shortlisted for the NSW Premiers Award, the ABC Fiction Award and runner up in the Young Australian Readers Awards.

Production Credits

Writer/director short film, 'Toast', broadcast on ABC Childrens TV back in the 90s.
Writer, short film, 'Hide', with development funding from the AFC.
Writer, drama/doco, 'The Devil is Strong in Darlinghurst,' with development from the AFC and SBS.


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