Neil Howe


Howe Video & Multimedia

Documentary, Education, Business video production.


Address c/o Rock Valley Post Office, Rock Valley


Environmentalist, political activist, professional award winning artist and video producer, musician, teacher.

Career Highlights

Member of the founding committee of the public television advocacy group TVU, which led to the formation of Melbourne's Channel 31 public television consortium.
Third editor on the hit ACTF children's TV series Round the Twist,
Winner of multiple awards at European Film Festivals for political short films.

Production Credits

Studied photography with Athol Shmith, film with Paul Cox at Prahran College of Advanced Education 1977-80.
1979 The Remembering, super 8mm film, director, camera, editor,
1979 Mildura Sculpture Triennial, super 8mm film, director, camera, editor
1980 Bad Places, super 8mm film, director, camera, editor,
1981 Ego is an Arty Word, Umatic video, director, camera, editor, Australian Sculpture Triennial. Melbourne.
1882 Video Art exhibition, Rosslyn Oxely 9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
1983 Ern Malley is on the Dole, super 8mm film, director, camera, animator, editor, Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival,
1984-5 Committee member, TVU, Public Television channel 31. Producer, editor, graphics during first pirate broadcasts and follow-up legal test broadcasts. Graphics for Windows series SBS TV. Participant public television forum hosted by Geoffrey Robertson QC. Open Channel.
1986 The Dance live, BVU, director.
1985-87 Audio Vision producer, Richmond Community Education Centre, (RCEC) Melbourne.
1985 Spensley Street Family Maths Project, video, director, camera, editor, RCEC, Department of Education, Victoria.
1985 Classroom Science, director, camera, editor, RCEC.
1985 Passing, director, Open Channel. Melbourne.
1986 News Editor Channel 9
1986 Kinetic Sunrise, art documentary, director, camera, editor. Monash University Gallery.
1986 Adelaide Fringe Arts Festival, Australia.
1987 News Editor SBS TV Melbourne.
1987 Why People Go To Traffic Accidents. 100 min. Video producer & director, camera, editor, sound designer. Theatreworks.
1987 Living with Aids, 57 min, documentary, editor, SBS TV Melbourne
1987-88 Round the Twist, 16 mm film/ Betacam SP, assistant editor, Australian Children's Television Foundation, ABC TV, BBC2, AMV4.
1987 Against the Stream, 120 min. documentary, director, camera, editor, New Theatre & RCEC.
1988 First Australian Video Festival. (Hon. mention)
1989 Amiga Graphics, documentary, BVU, producer,director.
1988-89 Lecturer Video Production, Holmesglen College of TAFE
1989 Stelarc - Event for Video Shadow, documentary, vision director, camera, editor. Second Australian Video Festival, Hon mention.
1990-91 Current affairs editor, Hinch, Channel 7.
1991 Copeland Street, 52 min, documentary, SP Betacam, assistant producer, editor, narrator Derryn Hinch.
1992-2002 Avid certified trainer, sales & support.
1997 Chains of Freedom, 60 min, director, camera, editor.
1998 Display of the Bird King, art documentary, producer, camera, audio, editor. Canberra School of Art.
2000 Limnophorous Longirostral, art documentary, producer, camera, editor. Noosa Regional Arts Gallery.
2000-2011 Exhibited widely in digital photography and experimental video art exhibitions including Pix Ars Electronica Cyber Arts 2005 & 2006, Linz, Austria and 2005 & 2011 International Convention of Information Visualization, Greenwich, London.
2006 Genesis, short film, producer, director, animator, editor. Rooftop Film Festival, New York, USA. Broadcast transfera TV, Madrid.
2007 RM.1115, short film, producer, director, camera, editor.
2010 When I grow Up, video art, producer, director, animator, editor.Screened widely in 20 countries throughout Europe, USA, Australia, Sth Africa, Middle East, Sth America. Broadcast Transfera TV, Madrid, and TVE2 Spain.
2010 Winner of the Metropolis Award, MADATAC, Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio Visual Arts, Spain. Winner 2 awards at Blue Banana Film Festival, Lanndau, Germany.
2010 Where Do You Go When You Die?, video art, producer, director,camera, editor.
2011 Tea in a Thunder Cup, feature film, location director, camera. Premiered in New York 2013.
2012 Conspiracy, short film, producer, director, editor. Selected for screening at NordArt 2013, Germany.
2012 When I Grow Up, nominated for Best Byron Film, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia.
2013 The Lismore Lantern Parade. Documentary video, producer, camera, editor. Selected for inclusion in the Byron Bay International Film Festival, 2014.
Skills : Director, DOP, camera, Avid editor, multimedia producer, sound recordist, digital photography, photoshop, avid video editor, art director, teacher video production.
National Sound & Film Archive.
Transfer TV, Madrid, Spain.
Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne.


Age 55-64 years old
Indigenous No