Sarah-Jane Loxton

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I am passionate about acting on both stage and screen.


Telephone 02 6624 6957
Mobile 0407 168 238
Address 32 Kruseana Avenue, Goonellabah


I have been involving myself in short films, mainly student films and some independent features for about 15 years and have taken to the stage in the last 4 years and am loving it.

I love to act, to immerse myself in different characters. The magic of film and the drama of theatre makes me feel at home. I just love to be a part of the process of a film coming together, to be apart of the many shoots and countless takes and that all seem so random throughout but then you see the final product and have that "Ahhh" moment when it all comes together and makes sense.
Theatre is a little different as it is done in order but is equally impressive to see the end result after so much work has gone into it.

Production Credits

Performed in "Theatre Noir", written by Lisa Walmsley. Lismore 2019.

Performed in Lismore Theatre Company's "Cosi", written by Louis Nowra. Lismore 2018.

Performed in Lismore Theatre Company's "Cagebirds", written by David Campton. Lismore 2018.

Played "Trace/Mrs H/Mother" in short film "Sure Thing" by Claire Freeman. Currumbin 2017.

Performed in Lismore Theatre Company's "Voices of The District", written by John McPherson. Lismore 2017.

Played a major role, "Alice" in Indie feature film "Hell is Light", written & directed by Andy Jans-Brown. Byron Bay 2016.

Played "Anna/Witch" in theatre production "Better Be with the Dead", written by Lisa Walmsley, directed by Jos Wright. Lismore 2016.

Played "Gloria" a creepy ghost in student film "The Porcelain Doll". Written & Directed by Kaylaa Roberts. Lismore NSW, 2016.

Performed in Lismore Theatre Company's Theatre Bites it 2 short plays, a supporting role in "Hairdressers Code", and a lead in "Follow Spot" - April 2016.

Lead in music video for Lismore Young Songwriters Competition Female Young Songwriter of the Year Indigo Gebbett's song Mama, Lismore - Feb 2016.

Performed in Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" in 3 group pieces and one full monologue "My Angry Vagina" - Feb 2016.

Extra in "Bite Club" short supernatural action, Brisbane 2015.

Played "the News Anchor" in short film "Verdigris". Brisbane 2015.

Performed in 2 roles in a stage play, Jean Betts' adaptation of Hamlet in which I play Laertes (Ophelia's brother) and Player 1. May 2015.

Played a lead role of "Gina" in a short film "Broken" . Laidley QLD, April 2014.

Played "Colleen Pennyfarthing"(a police officer) in Short Film "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Jackson Hughes, Stephanie Jensen and Avram Parker, Byron Bay, January 2012.

Played the "Grubby Woman" (a cannibal) in Short Film "After The Fall" by Damien Hussey, Gold Coast, October 2011.

Played an "Auditionee" in music video "Bring Me Down" by Gold Coast band "Faceless", July 2011.

Played "The Blonde Woman" in Short film "Be On My Side" by Hannah Draper, Brisbane, June 2011.

Played a "Spy" in music video "Liar, Liar" for "Chosen Effect" & TptStar Emtertainment Pty Ltd, Brisbane, May 2011.

Extra in TV commercial for "3Mobile Broadband", Griffith Uni, Brisbane, 2010.

Extra (infected person) in short horror film "The Great Disarray", Sunshine Coast, 2010.

Played "The Librarian" in short film "Untangling Ivy", Bond University 2009.

Extra in short film "The Pessimist", Brisbane 2008

Extra in Korean lipstick commercial, Brisbane 2007.

Extra in Hippie beach wedding, Children's TV series, NBN, Gold Coast, 2006.

TAFE, basic acting skills for film, including short film "Drama School".

Performed a small piece from "Hair" at a youth Concert in Evans Head NSW 2002.


Age 35-44 years old
Indigenous No
Membership Type Emerging Professional