Funding Bodies & Sponsors

We appreciate and acknowledge the ongoing support of our funding partners and sponsors..

Screen NSW

Screen NSW is the statutory authority established to assist, promote and strengthen the screen industry in NSW so as to promote Australia’s cultural identity, encourage employment in all aspects of screen production, encourage investment in the industry, enhance the industry’s export potential, encourage innovation and enhance quality in the industry.

Screen NSW supports Screenworks through its Industry Development Fund and Audience Development Fund.

Screen NSW Logo

Screen Australia

Screen Australia is the Federal Government agency charged with supporting Australian screen production. Its aim is to help create an Australian industry that is innovative, culturally important and commercially sustainable.

Screen Australia supports Screenworks through its Screen Resource Organisation grants program.

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Media Super

Media Super is the industry super fund for all people working in the print, media, entertainment and arts sectors.

The Media Super community reaches right across the country and brings together people of all ages and life stages from the print shop floor, to the nation’s newsrooms, to the star walk in Hollywood. Media Super members are the lifeblood of Australia’s informative, creative and print manufacturing sectors.

As an industry fund run only to benefit members on a not-for-profit model, we are active in our industries, promoting many things that will benefit members and employers. We support a variety of professional development programs, workplace education sessions and the development of financial literacy and understanding, as well as sponsoring a number of industry awards. We also provide a cash flow loan facility and access to a pre-sale advance loan to help finance film and TV productions.

Media Super supports Screenworks as an Industry Partner.

Fulcrum Media Finance

Fulcrum Media Finance is a film and television finance company, providing cashflow for the Producer Offset, PDV Offset, New Zealand Screen Production Grant and New Zealand PDV Grant. Fulcrum also provides cashflow for distribution guarantees, pre-sales, sales agents advances, and provides limited gap finance and bridging finance.

Established in May 2008 by Emile Sherman and Iain Canning’s See-Saw Films together with Sharon Menzies and Barry Sechos, Fulcrum has become the leading provider of cashflow loans in Australasia and has provided finance for over 100 productions to date.

Fulcrum Media Finance supports Screenworks as an Industry Partner.

GALVANiiZE Insurance

Founded by David McEwan (AR 471764), GALVANiiZE Insurance (CAR 471763| ABN 26 600 154 354) provide security and peace of mind to clients through our industry-leading Brokering and Risk Management services.

Leveraging an extensive network of Australian and International insurers, GALVANiiZE Insurance prides itself on providing bespoke insurance solutions to a wide range of clients, whether they be individuals, small to medium companies or large organisations desiring value-added risk mitigation and brokering services. All provided with the professional, friendly and efficient service that has fast become a hallmark of our work.

GALVANiiZE Insurance supports Screenworks by providing discounted insurance to its members.

Linnaeus Estate Education Fund

The Linnaeus Estate Education Fund aims to enrich the lives of residents and the general community through a diverse education program supporting the humanities and sciences. It hosts residencies, stages events and collaborates with national and local partners across the creative industries including musicians, designers, artists, architects and writers. 

Linnaeus Education Fund also hosts a range of conferences and forums related to environmental education and contemporary political issues. Linnaeus is a private community operating under a 150 year Trust. The Estate is privately funded and has been developed on the principles of ecologically sustainable development. Particular emphasis has been given to preserving the Estate for future generations through the principle of intergenerational equity.

Byron Bay Coffee Company

Byron Bay Coffee Company was established in 1989. It is a family business dedicated to excellent service, professionalism and the production of great tasting coffee.

They believe that the essential ingredients for the finest coffee are quality beans, expert roasting and blending, freshness and consistency.

Byron Bay Coffee Company is at the cutting edge of the Australian Coffee industry.

Byron Bay Coffee Company supports Screenworks as part of our Supporter Connect Program.

Stone & Wood

Traditionally, a brewery didn’t just supply fresh beer to the locals, it could also be relied upon to help support the wider community. Inspired by this, Stone & Wood established in 2013 its community-focused initiative ‘Ingrained’ to keep true to its role as the local brewer.

Stone & Wood support local grassroots causes to assist in creating sustainable social and environmental outcomes. Stone & Wood do this through donations, volunteering, partnerships and fundraising. This is something that Stone & Wood take pride in and are always looking for ways in which we can positively affect our community.

Stone & Wood supports Screenworks through its Ingrained program.

Screen Producers Australia

Screen Producers Australia is a national member based organisation that unites screen businesses to campaign for a healthy commercial environment and supports the interests of businesses large and small in their production of feature films, television programs, interactive content, and games across all genres and formats.

Screen Producers Australia presents SCREEN FOREVER, the premier conference for the Australian screen production industry. SCREEN FOREVER 2015 will be November 17-19, at Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

Screen Producers Australia supports Screenworks by being a partner for our Regional Producer Elevator Program.

Every Cloud Productions

Every Cloud Productions is a production company that combines the talents of two of Australia’s leading drama creators and producers, Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox. They have made their reputations producing distinctive, high quality, adult drama for television and feature film over the last two decades.

Every Cloud Productions sponsors Screenworks as its Premier Production Partner.


With over 2.5 million users across 100 countries, QuestionPro are a leading provider of online survey software that allows its users to generate the insights they need to make better business decisions. QuestionPro’s software includes not only tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, but also provides a platform for polling, tablet-based mobile research, and data visualization.

QuestionPro is the sponsor of our survey software.