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Screenworks has partnered with Grapevine Jobs to create this page listing film and TV jobs in regional Australia. Grapevine Jobs is Australia’s dedicated job board for the screen industry including Film, TV, Screen and Media.

Below are all Regional & Rural Australia and Remote (Work From Home) job listings on Grapevine Jobs that may be suitable for people living in regional Australia.

To post a job that appears on this webpage, head to https://www.grapevinejobs.com.au/post/ and make sure you mark your job Regional or Remote.

Film & TV Jobs in Regional and Rural Australia

Remote / Work From Home Film & TV Jobs

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Grapevine Jobs is Australia’s dedicated job board for the screen industries. At Grapevine Jobs, you can browse film, TV, and broadcast media job vacancies from big to boutique production companies and complimentary screen production businesses.

Covering a wide specialism, you’ll find jobs in various disciplines. These include; VFX, animation, camera operator, editing, producer, director, technical / engineering roles, casting, creative, sound, writing, talent, copywriting, gaming, production crew, distribution, publishing, business management sales, PR and marketing.

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