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A plethora of topics await you covering the business and creative sides of all aspects of the Australian screen industry. Join our industry development activities to unlock opportunities, connections and benefits across the regional screen industry.


Career Development

Unlock opportunities, connections and benefits across the regional screen industry.
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A professional development program designed to give screenwriters the opportunity to sit in and watch professional writers working on the story for a television script in a writer’s room environment. Learn More >

A bespoke career development opportunity designed to increase the skills and industry experience by supporting a tailor-made career plan and providing relevant screen industry introductions. Learn More >

A professional development program for early-career screen producers, giving them the opportunity to pursue their career ambitions and implement a professional development program that could elevate their career. Learn More >

An exciting opportunity to work with the team of passionate storytellers in the Los Angeles offices of Animal Logic Entertainment and subsidiary live-action production company, Truant Pictures. Learn More >

A free, six-month program of Indigenous-led storytelling and concept development workshops, open to emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from Far North Queensland and its surrounding region. Learn More >

A three-stage program designed to train undiscovered, diverse and talented writers and animators with the final selected participant placed in Princess Pictures to develop an animation project. Learn More >

Recorded Webinars


Short Film Projects


Showcasing the creative talents of both artists and filmmakers with disability living in regional NSW. Watch Films >


The Battle

by HW Collective (A Createability Film)

Fearless Films

A collection of inspirational short films that showcases the surprisingly bold lives of people with disability. Watch Films >

Go Viral!

Micro-films that focus on a current social issue with the aim to disrupt the online space. Watch Films >


Welcome to the Machine

by Cloudcatcher Media (A Go Viral! Film)

“The digital space needs more premium content. Recently, I participated in a Screenworks event, ‘YouTube Hits and Online Success’, where I had the opportunity to speak with documentary filmmakers around creating content for the digital space. I discovered people who were dedicated to their craft in not only creating content for traditional media, but also looking to expand in the digital space. The event proved to be very educational and inspiring for the audience which I gather is what all Screenworks events are about. Without these types of events, people at large media companies are often unable to educate smaller groups of passionate content creators.

Erin Kunse

Manager YouTube Content Partnerships