Screenworks is lining up more professional development and networking opportunities for you in 2015.

Here is a brief outline of key events that we are working on for the first half of 2015.

Meet the Broadcasters

Representatives from Australia’s key broadcasters will present on their programming requirements, audience demographics and brand in a one-day event designed to inform content creators and provide an understanding of how and what to pitch to broadcasters.

Networking event at the Byron Bay Film Festival

Screenworks will host an early evening event at the Byron Bay Film Festival for Screenworks members to welcome visiting filmmakers.

Screen Composing

Composer Caitlin Yeo (The Rocket, The Killing Field, Tashi) and sound supervisor Norman Parkhill (Tracks, Love Child, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) will present at a 3 hour session on composing for screen and music services.

Becoming a Regional Producer

Active local producers will deliver a seminar about the different areas of producing – creative, financial and production – and working in a regional area and how teams of producers can divide these responsibilities and work together.  This seminar will cover in depth – having control, sharing control, fear of financials and where the buck stops.

Screen Audience Development Program

Look out for a line-up of singificant Australian films that Screenworks will be presenting at local cinemas.  Each of the screenings will have a special guest speaker.

Development Clinics

Screenworks will continue to offer the opportunity to book a one on one meeting with an industry professional to get advice on how best to development your screen concept. Clinics will be run approximately every couple of months on an as needs basis.  Contact Screenworks to go on the wait list.

Screenwriting & Technical Skills Programs

Screenworks is also working with local professional screen writers to develop a screen writing program and working on a new technical skills program – both of which will be announced in early 2015.

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