Holly Lyons is a lecturer in Screenwriting at AFTRS, Co-Chair of Australian Writer’s Guild NSW Committee and an experienced script writer and script assessor.  Holly recently joined up as a Screenworks Metropolitan member and is offering her services to Screenworks members at at 20% discount.  We had a chat to Holly about how she got into screenwriting and what inspires her work.

As a teenager, I used to take notes while watching shows like Party of Five, Degrassi and 90210. My first gig out of uni was as Script Coordinator on Water Rats, it was filmed on Goat Island in Sydney Harbour — I was lucky enough to get a water taxi to work. That sealed it – no other career path was considered! 

I adored working on Home and Away – both in house and as a freelance writer. The show is constantly evolving. Over the years I’ve held four different roles, all with different challenges. Some people can be “high brow” about long running serials, but the script team produce five high quality episodes a week – there is an art to writing soaps. Not to mention the Home and Away tour bus is packed with fans from all around the world nearly every day!  

As a lecturer in Screenwriting at AFTRS, I am often asked what the top tips are for early career screenwriters! Writers can no longer stay home with their laptops – they have to sell themselves. Jobs aren’t advertised – networking is essential. But most emerging writers feel out of their depth striking up conversations with strangers. I recommend you attend ALL of the panels, talks and events, and commit to talking to at least one stranger. 

On Saturday 18th August I am presenting a talk for WIFTSA in Adelaide titled “How to Network without Leaving Your Desk”.

Recently I wrote my first play! I have written television for twenty years but I realised I crave a live audience. My play is called Space Virgins and is a sex education romp for teens. 

In 2017 I conducted a biometric study into what key elements make a successful pitch, and since then I have delivered Pitching Workshops all over Australia.  Here are my top tips for pitching

I volunteer on the Australian Writers’ Guild NSW Committee, organising panels and events for members. In my role at AFTRS, I nurture new writers every day. 

I am an ardent supporter of emerging writers, and I love reading fresh material. Please read my testimonial page on my website to hear what other writers think of my feedback.

Holly is offering a 20% discount on her services to Screenworks Members.

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