Screenworks has today announced that Programs and Operations Manager, Lisa O’Meara will leave the organisation at the end of the month in order to take up a senior role in the industry next year. Recruitment for a new Industry Development Manager at Screenworks is already underway.

During the eleven and a half years working at Screenworks, Lisa has delivered a diverse range of high-quality programs and events that have supported the careers and professional development of many people living in the Northern Rivers and across regional Australia.

“I have really enjoyed working with regional creatives and helping them to realise their career ambitions and dreams,’ explained Lisa. “I am inspired by the talent that we have uncovered and proud of the programs that I have designed and delivered.”

Some of the significant programs that Lisa has brought to regional practitioners include The Athena Project, the Career Pathways Programs, Deadlock Script Development Lab and subsequent Evolution Project development labs for Best Medicine and Croak, as well as a 3-day screen forum that attracts guest speakers and screen industry practitioners from all across Australia and internationally.

Screenworks CEO, Ken Crouch said “Lisa has worked closely with me to guide the organisation over the past six and a half years, through periods of uncertainty, re-positioning and scaling up to help build the organisation that it is today.  Whilst I am excited about the opportunities that Lisa is now pursuing, I know that I will greatly miss her after she leaves Screenworks”.

Lisa first joined Screenworks in June 2009 as its Events and Member Manager. At the time, the organisation was made up of two part-time staff made up of Lisa and Jill Moonie as General Manager focussed on the Northern Rivers region. As she departs the organisation, her role and that of the CEO are now both full-time and are supported by three other staff members and three contractors that roll out programs across every state and territory.

“I feel very fortunate to have been part of a dedicated team who have helped to deliver an impressive range of events, programs and projects,” Lisa said. ” This year alone the team has delivered 42 events (mostly online as we pivoted to a new way of working during the pandemic) to more than 2,300 people, in addition to 6 short films. I would like to acknowledge the amazing work that the hard-working committed staff has put into Screenworks as well as the support and guidance of Screenworks board.”

Applications for the new Industry Development Manager position will close on Sunday 3 January 2021. More information about the position is available at

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