Presented by: Michael Lockrey, local captioning and audio description 

Local filmmakers are invited to take part in this 3-hour hands on workshop covering all aspects of captioning and audio description. Come along and discover how you can meet all of the guidelines associated with captioning and audio description.

When:    10am until 1pm, Wednesday 17 June, 2015
Where:   Venue to be advised
Tickets:  Places are strictly limited to 10 participants, registrations will be essential.

Registrations now open – please register at



Please bring your own laptop to the workshop if possible. Participants will be using the program Sublime Text 3, which is a notepad program (it’s free to download to try)

Michael is planning to use the YouTube captioning tool as far as practicable and it will be beneficial if each participant can use a YouTube account that you have access to or set one up for the day. The reason for using You Tube is that it has a captioning toolset.

If available bring a short film that is 10-30 seconds that has dialogue / sound effects and a transcript of the audio track. – Michael can then do the practical captioning and audio description using your content (this is optional).

Post workshop support

Michael will provide ongoing email support and hands on remote support via Skype (utilising screen sharing to diagnose and remedy issues) or SMS (no calls)  post workshop.

First part of workshop

  • introduction to Audio Description and Captioning covering the basics
  • what is it?
  • why do we do it?
  • what are the standards or guidelines?
  • how does captioning assist in accessing a new audience and how do we actually do this?

Second part of workshop

  •  how to do captioning and audio description (Hands on) – each attendee creates captioning for a 15 sec video or similar etc


createability eFlyer

NSWGOV 1-Col Waratah

This workshop is presented as part of the Screenworks Createability Project. CREATEABILITY is a Screenworks initiative funded and supported by Screen NSW and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

About the presenter:

Michael Lockrey, B Bsc. Michael has a background in accountancy. He is profoundly deaf and has for many years been a passionate advocate for inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities. For 6 years he was Chairman of the Australian Communication Exchange, a not-for-profit organisation providing access for the deaf and hearing impaired through TTY and Captel. Michael is a passionate advocate for correct captioning across all media and has been involved directly in advocacy to promote inclusion and accessibility across free to air TV, Social media etc, and has developed an app, “nomoreCRAPTIONS” to easily transform Google’s auto-captions into correct close captions. He has won a national award for his advocacy work with captioning.

Lyn Lockrey, BA, MA. Lyn is Michael’s father and worked as a teacher and Education administrator in NSW schools, with a particular interest in Special Education. In his retirement Lyn has lectured and tutored in Special Education at Southern Cross University. He has been an advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities for many years. He has been assisting Michael in his captioning activities and has been working with the Australian War Memorial captioning a number of their valuable archival videos using Michael’s app. Lyn has been keen to push political parties and parliamentary members to correctly caption their videos so people with a hearing disability can have fair access to what we all hear.

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