This event is co-presented with Screen NSW

Meet the local creators of one of Australia’s most watched
Youtube comedy series and check out some of their new material

Wednesday 6pm October 5, 2016
Byron Community Centre
69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW 2481
Available online only through Screenworks


“It’s vulgar, it’s crass, it’s sidesplittingly funny
and it’s cringe-ingly political incorrect, all at the same time.”     

(Jed Smith, Vice)

Meet the three guys from Tweed River High School who started out drawing comics with textas and pens and went on to create the online hit The Big Lez Show. Encouraged by mates to create more episodes, they moved on from textas to MS paint when they were given laptops at school. In just a couple of years The Big Lez Show, has attracted a huge world wide audience.  They will be in conversation with comedian Mandy Nolan and will be screening some new material.

The boys were recently approached by Comedy Central who commissioned a five part spin off series  called  The Mike Nolan Show  – this is the second ever commission by Comedy Central in Australia.

The Big Lez Show follows day-to-day life of Leslie (Lez), his mate Sassy and his son Quinton.  What began as random vignettes full of swearing and drug taking, has developed into a continuous story with aliens, space travel and more, all done in their signature low rent style in MS paint.

Jarrad Wright, Izak Whear and Tom Hollis will be asked the all important questions about their work, their inspirations, technique and where to next.

Tickets : $20 (plus booking fee) via Screenworks website
Recommended as an MA event due to coarse language, drug references and violence.
Check out The Big Lez Show here

Pictured: (seated) Tom Hollis, Jarrad Wright and Izak Whear from The Big Lez Show; and (standing) Lisa O’Meara (Screenworks), Sophia Zachariou (Screen NSW) and Ken Crouch (Screenworks).

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