Fearless Films is series of short documentaries about Australian seniors smashing stereotypes by living extraordinarily bold lives

Nine seniors have taken part in the initiative , which sees each of them star in a short film about their fearless lifestyles and receive a ‘Story Producer’ credit for helping to create their documentaries.

The entire charismatic collection is now available to view online here www.feroscare.com.au/fearlessfilms

Screenworks, Feros Care and The Bakery Media worked very closely with each participating senior to pass on filmmaking skills and create a suite of films that challenge community attitudes and celebrate ageing.




FEARLESS needs you to smash those boring stereotypical views of ageing.

FEARLESS is an innovative film project specifically designed for seniors.

FEARLESS will help you to create a film of your bold ambitions and adventures so you can watch it on the big screen!

We’re looking for seniors who have a FEARLESS attitude to life.

We want you to think of a daring personal challenge that could be filmed by you and then tell us about it. Perhaps your entire attitude to life is already very bold and your story would translate beautifully to the screen.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo or shave your head? Perhaps you’re a dedicated ocean swimmer or surfer? Are you the star of your local dance troupe or training for your next triathlon? Maybe FEARLESS will spur you on to learn an entirely new language or fly on a trapeze!

If it challenges the traditional views of ageing and seniors then we want to hear about it!

Applications are now open and if yours is successful, we’ll help you plan and film your adventure before our FEARLESS Production Mentors  edit it together to look amazing for you! Applications will close on August 12th.


Feros Care and Screenworks have partnered to design this innovative initiative for 8-10 seniors to pick up filmmaking skills and receive a writer/director credit on their own short film that will document a daring personal challenge or their bold attitude to life. Each film will be between 1 and 2 minutes long and we have enlisted professional project mentors to work closely with each FEARLESS applicant by sharing filmmaking tips, filming an interview with each FEARLESS participant and editing each of the FEARLESS Films for all the participants.

Each successful FEARLESS participant will need to organise and film their bold challenge, then deliver this footage to the project mentor who will edit it to create the final FEARLESS film. These films will be unveiled at a red-carpet event and then distributed far and wide.

Each FEARLESS applicant will need to enlist a good friend, family member, volunteer or carer to assist them throughout this project. There is no age limit  for your FEARLESS assistant, perhaps your 10-year-old grandchild is keen to help you! 


  • You must be over the age of 75.
  • You must be living in the Ballina, Byron or Tweed Shires of NSW or the township of Coolangatta in QLD.
  • You’ll need to provide the details of a volunteer, friend or family member who can assist you during this initiative. They will attend all sessions with you – if you know someone who has filming experience, bring them along!
  • You’ll need to be available between September and November to work with us on your short film.
  • You must have access to a video camera (a tablet or smartphone is fine).
  • Any costs that you incur to execute your FEARLESS challenge are your responsibility e.g.: tattoo expenses, skydiving ticket!


1. Download the application form

2. Email it to Louise Hodgson at [email protected]


3. Print it out and post a copy to Louise Hodgson at: Screenworks, Suite 5, 60 River Street, Ballina, NSW 2478

  • Applications will close by midnight on Sunday 12th August 2018
  • The applications will be assessed by the project partners and a final decision made on the successful applicants during week commencing 27th August 2018.
  • If you experience any difficulty with the application process, please contact Screenworks FEARLESS Project Coordinator, Louise Hodgson on 6681 1188 or [email protected]


If you are one of the successful FEARLESS participants, our professional FEARLESS Production Mentors will help you to develop your subject matter and film production skills and create a finished documentary of you and your FEARLESS attitude to life. This will happen through the 4 key stages listed below:

  1. 1 x Information session (Early September 2018)
  • You’ll attend this session with the other FEARLESS Participants where our FEARLESS Production Mentors will share filming techniques and tips with you all.
  • Estimated 2 hours required, including breaks and refreshments.
  • Venue to be the Feros Offices in Coolangatta, QLD
  • Please ensure you bring your FEARLESS assistant with you. You will need your own transport to attend.
  1. The Independent tasks (Mid-September 2018)
  • There is one task that you will complete without the help of our Production Mentor; this is to film the footage of your FEARLESS challenge or lifestyle using the tips you and your FEARLESS assistant learnt in the information session.
  • You’ll also be able to choose a music track for your film’s soundtrack and approve your final edit with the help f our FEARLESS Production Mentors.
  1. 1 x Filmed interview (Late September 2018)
  • The FEARLESS Production Mentors will travel to you and film you for an interview where you will talk about your challenge or your bold attitude to life. This will be used in the final film.
  • Estimated 2 hours required including setting up lights and the camera and breaks.
  1. The FEARLESS Red-Carpet Premiere Event (Mid November 2018)
  • There will be an exclusive red carpet premiere screening of all the FEARLESS films and you’ll be the VIP guest, along with your friends and family.


  • Fame and success! Each FEARLESS participant will receive a writer/director credit on their film and your FEARLESS assistant will also get a credit depending on their involvement in the film.
  • The chance to see your final film on the big screen! All the FEARLESS films will be shown at an exclusive red-carpet premiere.
  • Online renown! Each FEARLESS film will be uploaded to Feros YouTube, Sreenworks YouTube, broadcast on Feros Virtual Senior centre network and disseminated via social media.
  • Screenworks and Feros will also work to identify other broadcast and screenings opportunities for each FEARLESS film. If you choose to submit your film to an Australian or international film festival, any entry fees will be your responsibility.


  • What kind of challenges or subject matters can be submitted?

Anything that you feel meets the brief of Challenging, Fearless, Daring and Bold! Inspirations and ideas for your personal adventure could be: Getting a tattoo, starting a new job, shaving your head, joining a dance troupe, getting married, taking park in a trialthon, modelling, public speaking to empower others, learning an entirely new language or skill eg: trapeze flying! Perhaps your life is already bold and daring, so please tell us about it and we’ll help you to convey it through film. 

  • What kind of filming experience is required?

None at all. We recommend that you have someone to assist you in the filming of your adventure (you’ll be too busy taking part!). You will also have to have access to your own camera to film on. A tablet or a phone is fine. Our FEARLESS Project Mentors will brief you and take care of the rest.

  • How do I need to prepare?

Think of a manageable adventure, submit your application form and ensure that you’re around to partake over various dates in September, October and November of this year.

  • When do I need to be available?

FEARLESS 2018 is happening between September and November 2018 and you’ll need to be available over these key times and dates:

  • Early September 2018: 1 x 2-hour information session for you and your assistant to pick up valuable tips.
  • Mid-September 2018: To independently film your bold challenge, adventure or life with your friend/volunteer/family member and pass that footage to our FEARLESS Production Mentors.
  • Late September 2018: 1 x 2-hour filming session where you will be interviewed by our FEARLESS Production Mentors at your residence (includes set up time and breaks as necessary).
  • Early October 2018: Choose a music track for your film and sit down to view and approve your final film with our FEARLESS Production Mentors. This can be done via email if appropriate.
  • Mid November 2018: Attend the exclusive red-carpet premiere of your FEARLESS film with your friends and family where you’ll see your film and your name on the big screen.
  • Will I own the copyright of my finished FEARLESS film?

You will. However, you will be required to grant Screenworks and Feros Care a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence to use the short film for its own corporate or promotional purposes across all media for perpetuity.


Screenworks and Feros Care intend to promote this project through:


Screenworks and Feros Care are strongly committed to increasing diversity across all sectors of the screen industry. We encourage anyone to apply to FEARLESS regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability status.

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