Screenworks member, Michael Weatherhead is the managing director of Meet the Filmmakers, a one stop website that showcases filmmakers and their films.

Meet The Filmmakers is about to start a crowd funding campaign to produce weekly Q&A shows where fans can ask their favourite filmmakers questions.

Check out their new promotional video below or head to their website at

The Q&A shows are being hosted by Alex McCord, a professional actor from the USA, who was previously on the Real Housewives of New York. She is now living in Northern NSW Australia with her family.

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About Meet The Filmmakers

Meet The Filmmakers is a one stop website that showcases filmmakers and their films with news, reviews, interviews and film credits plus video on demand. We profile leading and emerging filmmakers, and the people who have created cinematic magic.

Meet The Filmmakers aims to provide value to film lovers and filmmakers by supplying affordable films to users and good financial returns to filmmakers. Meet The Filmmakers is also keen to support filmmakers who go the extra distance to fund their own films, sometimes risking persecution to provide insights into important issues.

Meet The Filmmakers has been designed by filmmakers for filmmakers and film lovers to give them everything that they could want in one website.

Meet The Filmmakers is based in Mullumbimby near Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

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