The key objective of CREATEABILITY 2017 is to profile work produced by artists with disability through identified arts organisations and screen media.

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PROJECT UPDATE: 5th December:

NEWSFLASH:  Createability Series 1  has been purchased by Virgin Australia to screen on all domestic and international flights as part of their inflight entertainment from January till June 2018.  We would like to acknowledge the work and support of Victoria Baldock of Verve Entertainment in securing the Virgin Australia Inflight Entertainment opportunity.

PROJECT UPDATE: 1st December 2017

Creatability Launch Event at Arstate:

Last Friday 1st December, we launched this years 8 Createability films to a very receptive audience at Artstate in Lismore. Artstate is a new four year project by Regional Arts NSW designed to shine a light on excellence in regional arts practice.

Most of the filmmakers were in attendance and so were able to introduce their films in person, often with their profiled artists at their side.  We started the night with a live performance from Grace Hickey – the talented singer/songwriter profiled in ‘Grace on Fire’ –  whose beautiful voice set us up brilliantly for a great evening.   The night was a celebratory one and there a was a lot of gratitude and love in the house!

PROJECT UPDATE: 27th November 2017

Createability: Artist and Filmmakers stories from Regional NSW to be broadcast on ABC

(From left:Artist/Dancer Mick Parr and writer Tim Winton-Brown of Nimbin, NSW – the subjects of ‘Meeting Mick’ Photo Credit: Susie Forster // Jeremy Hawkes of Lismore, NSW, creating his artwork for ‘Ghost in the Machine’ Photo credit: Kate Holmes // Painter Mbatha Nguta of Lismore, NSW – the subject of ‘Speaking Through Colour’ Photo Credit: Lewis Templar)

To mark this year’s International Day of People with Disability on Sunday 3rd December, eleven poignant and beautiful stories of regional artists with disability will be broadcast on ABC and ABC iview from Monday 27th November. These short films are part of CREATEABILITY a program initiated by Screenworks to showcase artists with disability living and creating across regional NSW.

Now in its third year, a total of 20 Createability short films have been funded and filmed. This will be the first time that the eleven new films can be viewed by the Australian public. The entire collection will be available to view on iview here

The eleven new Createability films are an impressive collection of short films showcasing artists across an array of artistic disciplines:

  • Ghost in the Machine, featuring Lismore artist Jeremy Hawkes, created by HW Collective, Bangalow, NSW.
  • Order from Chaos, featuring painter, Verity Nunan from Byron Bay, NSW created by Nathan Wood and Clementine Bourke also from Byron.
  • Drawing for Purpose, featuring illustrator Stephen Williams from Wagga Wagga, NSW, created by Steve Moore and Alexis Neylan of Mayfly Media in Wagga.
  • Making Waves, featuring dancer Max McAuley from the Northern Rivers, NSW, created by Karenza Ebejer of Lismore, NSW.
  • Wayne at the Factory, featuring Wayne Emerson, a painter from Wagga Wagga, NSW, created by Ainsley and Damien Jenkins of Next In Line Films, Wagga Wagga.
  • Meeting Mick, featuring writer Tim Winton-Brown and dancer-artist Mick Parr from Nimbim, NSW, created by Susie Forster from Ocean Shores.
  • Ascension, featuring graphic designer Dom Freestone from Newcastle, NSW, created by Bec Hogan of Blackalls Park, NSW
  • Grace on Fire, featuring singer-songwriter, Grace Hickey from Yamba, NSW created by Deb Novak, also from Yamba.
  • The Fine Art of Being Zion, featuring painter-ceramicist Zion Levy from Mullumbimby, NSW, created by Susie Forster of Ocean Shores, NSW (she has 2 films in this years collection)
  • Speaking Through Colour, featuring painter Mbatha Nguta from Lismore NSW, created by Darius Devas of Byron Bay, NSW
  • A Spiral Mind, featuring jewelry artist Kurt Saggers from Albury, NSW, created by Helen Newman of Nomad Films in Albury.

Screenworks’ General Manager, Ken Crouch is proud of the opportunities and outcomes that the Createability initative has provided for the filmmakers and artists to date;

“Many of the artists that have featured in the films have had amazing opportunities presented to them following their stories being told on screen, including being invited to collaborate with national institutions and international festivals at the highest levels”, explained Mr. Crouch,

“The Filmmakers have also benefitted as their short films get a broadcast credit which helps them progress their careers. I’m looking forward to seeing what benefits arise for the artists and filmmakers in this collection, I’m confident there will be many”

Acting ABC NSW Regional Editor, Justine Frazier, said that the broadcaster is proud to share the stories of regional artists with a disability who are making a difference in their local communities and within the arts sector.

“ABC Regional’s mission is to give a voice to the one-third of Australians who live outside of our capital cities so that their stories can be shared within their communities and with the nation. The depth of the ABC’s commitment to regional Australians with disability is enforced by our involvement in initiatives such as Createability, and the ABC Regional Storyteller Scholarship, which was announced last month”.

Create NSW CEO Michael Brealey added, “One of the most incredible things about this initiative is the increased agency it has given the featured artists, with many also stepping up to take on co-writing and directing roles during this process. The collective result is a beautiful set of films and we are very proud to be able to help increase opportunities for artists with disability, and bring these films to Australian screens.”

To view high resolution behind the scenes stills, please go to


All principal filming for Createability 2017 is complete. This means that we, in the Screenworks office, will soon be in the enviable position of reviewing the edits as they come in and thats a really enjoyable part of this initiative. Scroll down to review some behind the scenes photos from the film shoots across the region….

Mac McAuley and Karenza Ebejer (Lismore): Dancer, Max McAuley and Director, Karenza Ebejer have chosen a few different filming locations to show off Max’s skills. Here you’ll see the crew filming at Goonellabah swimming pool and in Lismore laneways – just a couple of the locations you’ll see in the final film.






Stephen Williams and Mayfly Media (Wagga Wagga): Steven and Alexis of Mayfly Media have been filming Stephen Williams in his home studio, working to capture the fine detail and patience required to produce one of his pencil drawings.






Mbatha Nguta and Darius Devas (Byron Bay): Darius has spent his days with painter Mbatha, filming him in his element in the art and dance studios at Red Inc. Lismore.  This film promises to be as colourful as Mbatha’s artworks.






Kurt Saggers and Helen Newman (Albury): Director, Helen followed jewellery artist Kurt to one of his digging sites to search for some interesting materials. We will also witness Kurt in his studio transforming his finds into delicate trinkets.






Grace Hickey and Deb Novak (Yamba): Deb has chosen to showcase the beautiful environment of Yamba and surrounds whilst telling Grace’s story of her love of music and songwriting throughout this film. Fingers crossed the drone shot makes it into the final edit.






Mick Parr, Tim Winton-Brown and Susie Forster (Ocean Shores): Director Susie hopes to complete her final day of shooting out at dancer Mick’s impressive home close to Protestors Falls in the next week. Susie and her DOP, Annie Benzie successfully rigged the car to film presenter/writer Tim’s journey out there. We can’t wait to see this one.






Ainsley Jenkins and Wayne Emerson (Wagga Wagga): Director Ainsley of Next in Line Films has been interviewing Wayne and filming him whilst he paints in his artists studio, The Art Factory, Wagga. They also took advantage of a break in the rain to film in his garden, documenting his love of birds.






Bec Hogan and Dom Freestone (Newcastle): Bec finished her filming with graphic artist Dom pretty swiftly as she has a lengthier post process planned than most of our Createability films this year. From what we’ve seen so far, Dom is coming across as a really talented creative.







Wayne Emerson:

Wayne Emerson is a painter and textile artist who has exhibited for more than 30 years in Wagga Wagga. Wayne’s artwork conveys an affinity with the natural environment. His subject matter includes animals, Australian birds, plants and waterfalls. Wayne has exhibited at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, The Regional Arts Australia Conference Artlands Dubbo and the Riverina Community College. Wayne works weekly at the supported studio The Art Factory.

Ainsley Jenkins of Next In Line Films is profiling Wayne for Createability.

Dom Freestone:

The seemingly unstoppable Dom Freestone is a passionate, up & coming designer with a background in fine art. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Communications Design at the University of Newcastle. Previous exhibitions have seen him focused primarily on identity and his life as a quadriplegic. His art is powerful, inspiring and will challenge what you think is possible without the use of your hands. Recently chosen as a luminary of the Newcastle University Arts scene, his art can be found on permanent display at the University of Newcastle. Outside of design and art, Dom volunteers his time as an ambassador for Paraquad NSW, sharing his life story with School children to both inspire and educate.

Bec Hogan is profiling Dom for Createability.

Mbatha Nguta:

Mbatha Nguta from Lismore is a Kenyan Australia who became severely brain damaged after an oxygen deprived birth. Mbatha has never been able to speak. When he was a child, Mbatha discovered painting and colours and his whole world changed. Since leaving school his abstracted artworks have garnered national recognition for their bold and distinctive style. Everyone who has witnessed Mbatha in his studio say it is a sight to behold; his process to create his works is a piece of art in itself. Mbatha has compensated his inability to communicate with a powerful ability to express himself through his art. He is a wonderful example to show that someone can find a voice even if they cannot speak. He is a practicing artist at Red Inc.

Darius Devas of Being Here Films is profiling Mbatha for Createability.

Grace Hickey: 

Grace Hickey is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter and musician from the Clarence Valley in Northern NSW. Her striking stage presence and soulful songs have featured at venues, festivals and events across Northern NSW for around four years. Her sense of space and freedom is inspired by her coastal lifestyle and is conveyed through the authentic sounds that reflect her musical styles of pop, soul and rhythm ‘n blues. She has supported renowned Australian acts such as ‘The McClymonts’ and is often called on to be a session singer for other musicians in Sydney. Her latest appearance was at the 2017 Byron Bay Bluesfest. Grace’s YouTube Channel

Debrah Novak is profiling Grace for Createability and Grace will gain co-producing and music credits for the film

Kurt Saggers:

Kurt Saggers is an artist based in Albury in southern New South Wales; he grew up in the region and is happy to call it home.
Kurt’s work as an artist includes creating jewellery out of pieces of objects he has found on old properties and homesteads – after being invited of course!. Some of the objects Kurt has found which he has turned into jewellery include broken bits of pottery that date back to the mid 1800’s
Kurt was diagnosed with bipolar in 2009. When he is not in the studio creating Kurt is a spokesperson for Mind Australia. Kurt The Cat on Facebook.

Helen Newman of Nomad Films is profiling Kurt for Createability and Kurt will earn a writing credit for the film.

Max McAuley:

Max McAuley is a 23 year-old principal dancer at Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre in Lismore. Over the last 6 years and under the guidance of a number of dedicated and high profile professionals including Michael Hennessey, Phillip Channells and Phillip Blackman, he has performed and toured with Sprung!! in many productions across the country. When not performing, Max teaches hip-hop at the Sprung!! monthly workshops. “I’m really focused on my dance (while) I’m dancing, I feel happy and sad, but after I’m finished dancing, I feel just happy” Max McAuley

Karenza Ebejer of Moving Image Media is profiling Max for Createability.

Stephen Williams:

Illustrator Stephen Williams lives in Wagga Wagga, NSW, with wife and daughter. In 2010, Stephen injured his C5 and C6 in an accident that left him a quadriplegic. Picking up a pencil for the first time since his accident felt very strange. He found drawing difficult at first but he kept working at it and now accepts commissions from paying customers. With a life-long love of the natural world, Stephen mostly depicts animals and plants in his works, which can take up to two months to complete

“The whole process is pretty frustrating. What I like is the end result and people’s reaction when I draw something for them and they just love it. It makes me feel good.”

Stephen uses Facebook and Instagram to sell his works.

Steve Moore and Alexis Neylan of Mayfly Media are profiling Stephen for Createability.

Mick Parr with Tim Winton-Brown:

In 1996 Mick Parr, a man in a wheelchair (although anything but confined) surprised everyone with his nimble ability to move himself through space and into the hearts of an audience. Tim Winton-Brown met Mick in 1998 during a disability dance class at Company Chaos in Lismore following his quadriplegic spinal injury in 1998. Soon they were performing together on stage.

A Churchill Fellowship for Mick followed and one of his dances opened the Arts section of the 2002 Commonwealth games in Manchester. Mick has travelled the world with his interest in dance for several years. He has completed a Diploma of Visual Art through TAFE and now continues his interests in art and sculpture.

Tim completed his Bachelor of Journalism through the University of Queensland in 2002 and later completed a Graduate Diploma of Applied Law in 2012. He has continued his interest in dance throughout this time will gain producing and writing credits for this Createability film.

Susie Forster of Byron Bay Multimedia is profiling Mick and Tim for Createability.

PROJECT UPDATE: 30th June 2017

Since our last post, the eight regional Createability filmmakers have been busy honing their shooting scripts and meeting with their experienced local ABC Open Producers in script clinic sessions.  All shooting scripts need to be signed off before the filmmakers can start spending their funding money and proceed with principal photography.

It has been fascinating to read the incarnations of each script throughout this approval stage and only serves to make us more eager to see those first cuts in mid August. Shooting will start for many of the 2017 Createability films in the coming weeks.

“I can’t wait to get started on this film and I’m very excited” Susie Forster, Ocean Shores.

To the right, you’ll see 5 of our 8 filmmakers during their script clinics.


(clockwise from top: Steve & Alexis of Mayfly Media in Wagga with ABC Open Producer, Luke Wong, Susie Forster of Ocean Shores taking a selfie with ABC Open Producer Catherine Marciniak during their Skype script clinic, Bec Hogan of Newcastle leaving the ABC Newcastle offices with her latest script, Ainsley Jenkins of Next In Line Films in Wagga with Luke Wong and finally, Karenza Ebejer of Lismore with Catherine Marciniak following their script clinic session)

Please watch this space as we announce all our featured artists over the next few weeks.


PROJECT UPDATE: 15th May 2017

We are very excited in the Screenworks office today as we announce the 8 regional filmmakers and projects that have been selected to be part of Createability 2017. Scroll down to find out more about this years recipients of Createability funding, each filmmaker will recieve $5000 to make their short films.

The full media release can be accessed via this link.

Debrah Novak, Yamba

Debrah Novak is an emerging Short Film Maker from Yamba, Northern NSW. Her pathway into the screen industry has come through ABC Open and she now has a couple of broadcast credits. Last year she was selected for the 2016 Creatability Project with her story ‘Grandmother Dreaming’. She was also the guest host for the 2016 ABC TV ‘Back Roads’, Clarence River Episode’. Debrah’s short film ‘Dingo Love’ was selected for the 2015 Byron Bay International Film Festival and the 2015 Bangalow Short Film Festival, Flickerfest. Debrah’s work was also selected for an ABC TV rebranding exercise and Grafton’s Bent Street Film Festival.In 2014 Debrah was joint winner of APN Videographer of the Year. //

Helen Newman, Albury

Helen is an award winning Australian filmmaker whose work over the last 15 years has taken her around the globe gathering stories from the inspiring to the heartbreaking. Underpinned by the aims of giving voice, exploring the unknown and capturing the magical Helen’s projects have led her to work in a broad range of situations; war zones, refugee camps, remote indigenous communities, amid protests, as part of live theatre productions, with community groups and individuals. //

Susie Forster, Ocean Shores

Originally trained as a fine artist, Susie has combined her creativity with the digital world through film and multimedia. She has been producing, directing and editing short and long form documentaries, music and community videos, corporate promos and promotional clips for over a decade. Her love of story-telling has led her into the world of the short documentary, and her passions include community, living healthy and sustainable lifestyles and sharing knowledge with young people. Susie runs Northern Rivers production company, Byron Bay Multimedia. //

Bec Hogan, Blackalls Park

Bec Hogan is a videographer, photographer and sunglasses enthusiast. After studying film and television production in both in Brisbane and Tokyo, she has worked for several production companies including the ABC and has started her own business. After years working in the corporate video sector she wishes to engage her creative side once more and realise her dream of becoming a film director. // Bec Hogan portfolio

Ainsley Jenkins, Wagga Wagga

Ainsley Jenkins is a Producer and founding Director of Next In Line Films. Based in Wagga Wagga NSW, Ainsley works in both commercial and creative spaces producing videos for clients and producing short films. Studying Television Production at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Ainsley developed her love of storytelling. She first cut her teeth in the industry as a broadcast programmer where she worked for Southern Cross Austereo and later Network Seven.   Ainsley’s love of production won out when she decided to return home to Wagga Wagga in 2014 and establish Next In Line Films with her production partner and brother Damian Jenkins. She wrote her first short film Dirt in 2013 which was a finalist at Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival in 2015 and Fleurieu Film Festival in 2016 and played as part of the short film corner at Cannes Film Festival in 2015. In 2015 Ainsley wrote and directed her first short film Page 33. //

Karenza Ebejer, Lismore

Karenza Ebejer is an independent filmmaker based in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Her focus is on community and educational documentary and short films. She has an interest in individual stories of people on the fringe and likes to explore a diverse range of human experiences in film. Her education has included a BA at Melbourne University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Film and Television at Queensland University of Technology. Since 2015, Karenza has produced a long form independent music documentary “Ajde Da Igrame” (Let’s Dance) and the short film “Tilly’s Symphony’ for Createability 2016. //

Steve Moore & Alexis Neylan, Wagga Wagga

Steve and Alexis run Mayfly Media, a boutique video production company based in the Riverina, NSW. They work across corporate, education, small business and government communications. While they work with clients right across Australia and overseas, their hearts are in the regions and they love nothing more than telling the real stories of the real people, places and projects of regional Australia. Steve Moore is a director and videographer with a background in both Biological Sciences and Natural History Filmmaking. Steve is obsessed about the natural world and lives to document it on film. Alexis is committed to getting to the heart of the brief from every organisation she works with and enjoys the learning that comes from producing engaging and authentic videos for great local businesses and not-for-profits. An award-winning producer (The Enemy Within, 2015), Alexis gets a real kick out of telling the real stories of real people and showcasing all that regional living has to offer. //

Darius Devas, Byron Bay

Darius has established himself as one of the leaders of multi-platform filmmaking in Australia through his production company Being Here Films. This was solidified with international success of his interactive multi-platform documentary series Goa Hippy Tribe for SBS, funded by Screen Australia and Screen NSW. The project won him the prestigious 2012 SXSW Interactive Award for Film & TV as well as winning many other awards and selections at festivals worldwide. In 2016 Darius directed The Word: Rise of the Slam Poets, for ABC iView and in 2014 Darius received Screen Australia development funding for his Multi-platform documentary The Afghan Connection. His short film Meeting Susan had its world premiere at the 2014 Sydney Film Festival. His experimental short Within (narrated by Guy Pearce) screened at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of Melbourne Now as well as TedXSydney 2014. // Being Here Films

Please watch this space, we will be introducing our regional artists over the coming weeks.


Congratulations to the Screenworks members whose Createability films have been selected for  the following festivals;

  • Both Kellie Jennar’s film, In My Own World and Susie Forster’s film, The Fine Art of Being Zion have been accepted into the Bent Bridge Film Festival


Applications for CREATEABILITY 2017 closed at midnight on April 23rd 2017.

Thanks to all who showed interest in this years project, keep checking back  to see how the initative progresses. Let the deliberations begin!


This year Createability harnessed the power of the internet to broadcast the ABC Open Pre-ProductionMasterclass via Facebook LIVE.

It was mandatory for all filmmakers applying for Createability 2017  to watch the masterclass via the ABC Open Facebook page and this could be done live or post the event.  ABC Open and Createability Series Producer Anthony Scully was joined on screen by Hunter-based filmmaker Nicky Elliott, who made ‘Pearl Red Moon’ for Createability 2016.

Between them they talked through case studies and  provided invaluable tips on how to submit an engaging and viable storyplan to Createability 2017. We at Createability HQ were able to respond to viewers questions during the Facebook LIVE  broadcast in the comments section in real time. The future is here!


Registrations for CREATEABILITY 2017 will close at midnight on
Sunday 23rd April 2017



Createability 2017 Storyplan template

Createability 2017 Budget template

Program Overview:

CREATEABILITY 2017 is a Screenworks initiative supported Screen NSW and the ABC that provides funded opportunities for professional filmmakers living in Regional NSW to profile artists with disability living and creating in their communities.

Screenworks has funding available for 8 filmmakers to produce 8 films in total. Each film will between 3 and 7 minutes and will profile an artist with disability who resides and creates in Regional NSW.

Filmmakers with disability:

Filmmakers with disability are strongly encouraged to apply for this program. All filmmakers selected for this program will be strongly encouraged to connect with and to include emerging filmmakers with disability from regional NSW as part of their team. Opportunities may also include mentorship, skills development, industry networking and/or creative collaborations, with a view to help enable collaborations and project teams for future projects.

If you are a filmmaker with a disability living in regional NSW and want to be involved in the project, we want to hear from you. Send us an email to [email protected]

Eligibility for Filmmakers:

CREATEABILITY 2017 is not an entry-level initiative for filmmakers.  All applications must first meet the following eligibility criteria in order to complete the application process.

  • The applicant must, at a minimum, have one broadcast short-form credit (i.e. music videos, television commercials, online content or corporate films commissioned and paid for by a third party)
  • Applications are only open to Australian citizens or residents living and working in Regional NSW. This is defined as all of NSW excluding Sydney Metropolitan, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.
  • The applicant must be available and able to produce the short documentary to these key deadlines:
    Script deadline: Monday 12th June 2017
    Shoot window: 10th July – 30th July 2017
    Rough cut deadline: Monday 14th August 2017
    Fine cut deadline: Monday 11th September 2017
    Final Delivery of Materials deadline: Monday 2nd October 2017
  • All applicants must watch the Createability Facebook Live Video stream ABC Pre-Production Masterclass and/or watch it post the event. This will assist them to complete their application. They will gain professional advice to assist them in producing a competitive storyline and outline budget to the standard required by the independent panel. The ABC Pre-Production Masterclass was streamed live via the ABC Open Facebook page on Tuesday 28th March 2017, 8pm – 9pm EDST. This video is now available to view here. If you have a questions when watching after the event, please email them to [email protected]
  • Each filmmaker must complete the online Createability 2017 application form. Applications close on Sunday 23rd April 2017. All mandatory questions must be answered and all support material uploaded. Mandatory supporting documentation includes:
    Proof of Residency
    A current CV
    Links to previous work
    Links to the work of an artist with disability
    A Createability Storyplan – template available here
    A Createability Budget – template available here

    These materials will be assessed by an independent panel and a final decision made on the successful applicants during week commencing 8th May 2017.

    Funding available:

    Each successful filmmaker will be allocated a budget of $5,000 excluding GST to produce a short film up to a maximum length of 7 minutes.  As part of the application process, each filmmaker will need to clearly demonstrate how the $5,000 budget will be spent.

    When considering the budget, each filmmaker must include information about the accessibility components that will be included in their short film.

    Terms of Funding:

    Project funding is provided as a grant. If you are successful, Screenworks will enter into a written agreement with you, specifying the terms of the funding and what you will need to deliver in order to receive payments. All projects selected for production will be subject to editorial guidelines and must comply with editorial feedback provided by Screenworks and/or the ABC.

    The successful filmmaker teams will be required to grant Screenworks, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the NSW State Government agencies (such as Screen NSW) a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence to use the short film for its own corporate or promotional purposes including but not limited to use on websites, newsletters and/or annual reports for perpetuity.

    Screenworks reserve the right to approve production budgets prior to contracting.

    Successful applications:

    If you are one of the 8 selected filmmakers you will be required to work with an appointed ABC Producer to engage with your subject artist, to develop your storyline and produce a shooting script for approval before commencing pre-production and principal photography. This will be through face-to-face script clinic meetings, telephone conversations and email correspondence. Each key deliverable stage e.g.: script, edit, fine cut will require the approval of all stakeholders before progressing to the next stage.

    Assessment criteria:

    The Screenworks and ABC team will assess eligible applications against the following assessment criteria:

  • Quality of the application material.
  • Quality of the story & treatment of subject matter.
  • Track record and previous experience of filmmaker.
  • Ability of the filmmaker to deliver the film on-time, budget and to a high standard.
  • Filmmakers interest in the project and how filmmakers with disability can be included in the project.
  • Screenworks may also take into consideration whether the applicants have a number of concurrent outstanding projects in development or production that may impact on the quality.

    Project promotion:

    Screenworks and the ABC intend to promote this project through multiple channels including promotion to local regional media via press release information and on social media channels. There will also be project page updates on the  Screenworks and ABC websites to detail the project. Each filmmaker selected will be expected to support and co-operate with Screenworks and the ABC to ensure that it is able to achieve the project promotion objectives set out above.

    Where a filmmaker chooses to submit their film in to Australian or international film festival, any entry fees will be the responsibility of the filmmaker.

    Submitting your application:

    All Createability 2017 applications for funding must be submitted by midnight (AEST), Sunday 23rd April 2017. An application receipt will be emailed to all applicants within 3 business days of submitting your application.  If you do not receive a receipt email, you should contact Screenworks on (02) 6687 1599 to confirm that your application has been received.

    Applications must be submitted using the online application form.  Applications submitted by other methods will not be accepted. If you experience any difficulty with the online application, please contact Screenworks Project Coordinator, Louise Hodgson on (02) 6687 1599.

    Screenworks Diversity Commitment:

    Screenworks are strongly committed to increasing diversity across all sectors of the screen industry. We encourage all talented filmmakers to apply to our programs regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability status.

    We also ask that applicants consider inclusiveness, accessibility and diversity when forming their filmmaking teams for any Screenworks initiative.

    CREATEABILITY 2017 is supported Screen NSW and is being delivered in association with the ABC.


Please support Screenworks by using the links below.

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